Geraldo: The First Televised Exorcism

One of the most outstanding exorcisms I did was when one of Geraldo Rivera’s producers called to ask me to come to New York City to perform an exorcism on her haunted apartment.  The exorcism, taped live, was included in the program on May 17, 1994.  I sat on a panel of people who claimed to be experiencing hauntings of various kinds; although the exorcism I performed on the producer’s haunted Manhattan apartment was the central focus of the program.

Geraldo:  “Like many of you, I’ve always taken ghost stories with a grain of salt, but when one of my top producers claimed recently to have actually been physically knocked around by an evil spirit and she had the bruises to prove it, then I figured it was time to take another look.

Take a look at what happened at our producer’s home last night:

You will now bear witness to something that sounds incredible, but to the people involved, it is as real as the air they breathe.  A ghost is to be exorcised.  An evil spirit cleansed from a New York apartment with a past!

The apartment belongs to Lora Wiley.  One of my more experienced talk show producers, Lora is an intelligent and well-grounded person, not given to flights of fancy.  But she’s been troubled in recent weeks by a powerfully evil presence, which has deeply frightened her in her own home.  Lora claims even to have been assaulted and thrown down the stairs by this ghostly entity.  As part of the cleansing process, a psychic named Elizabeth tries to contact the thing.”

* * *

May 1994 I had just finished working on a murder case with the police in Arkansas when I received a phone call from the Geraldo Show.  One of his producers, Lora Wiley, asked me if I would come to New York City to perform an exorcism on her home.  She kind of warned me that Geraldo was a bit of a skeptic and did not really believe in psychics; but that he had, amazingly, told her that I had a good reputation with the police and that I may be successful not only doing the exorcism, but would also make an outstanding guest.  It really did not bother me that Geraldo didn’t believe in psychics; in fact, it intrigued me because it presented a challenge and no one enjoys a challenge more than I do.  Lora told me they had a psychic visiting from England whom they were considering, but that they would be interested in what I might be able to do to help.  I immediately asked, “Is she a medium?”  When she told me the psychic was, indeed, a medium, I asked her why they would be interested in me.  She said that because of my reputation and credibility (they had already checked me out), they felt very confident about having me perform the exorcism.

I didn’t really feel too good about appearing on national television at that time because I had gained weight since my divorce and hadn’t found the will to diet.  I had a million reasons why I couldn’t go.  That is not to say that I take my gift for granted because I know very well that “God giveth and God taketh away.”  I thought about it and just decided all at once, “Ah, to heck with it!  I’m just going to go on and be myself because one thing I know I can do is an exorcism.”  Over recent years, I was quickly gaining a reputation as a reliable exorcist.  I had done around 25 exorcisms and each one had been quite successful.  I found it to be one of my great purposes as a medium and one in which I had a lot of faith.  I must say, if you do not have faith in yourself, you should never become involved in something as risky as an exorcism.

That Sunday night I was talking with Lora, the producer, and by Monday afternoon, I had arrived in New York City.  I was escorted to a lovely Midtown Manhattan hotel where I could get plenty of rest before undertaking the exorcism at seven o’clock that evening.  When I arrived, I sat down and looked in the mirror and at once knew that I had to do something about my hair!  So I called Geri Palladino, a good friend of mine, who works as a hairstylist for the Broadway play, “Beauty and the Beast” which was running at the Palace Theatre.  My daughter, Sandy, met me at the hotel and drove me to the theatre.  I was so happy to see Geri who immediately led us on a grand tour of the theatre, introducing me to everyone backstage.  They were all so excited about the prospect of Geri’s suggestion that I return there to tune in to some of the ghosts of Broadway stars who had played there in the past and were now haunting the great historic theatre.  I promised them I would return one day to do just that.  Geri trimmed my hair and did wonders with the mess and I hurried back to the hotel so I could take a short nap, pray, meditate, and attune myself with the spirits before I went to Lora’s haunted apartment on West 87th Street to help rid her home of the ghosts.

Seven o’clock came all too soon and I rushed to meet my limousine.  As I walked up to the door and into the entranceway, I sensed stray entities that looked like prostitutes, all over the place.  There was an odd seaminess in the nature of the place.  Lora, its resident, seemed to me just the opposite – a clean-cut, all-American, attractive young woman with auburn hair, bright blue eyes and clear, effervescent skin.  I stood in the hallway and glanced up the stairs where only a few days before, some unknown force had hurled her down the stairs leaving black and blue marks -impressions of fingerprints – on her arm.  I told her we would eventually have to go upstairs; but first I wanted to go downstairs to her living room where she spent most of her time.  The living room was filled with tastefully selected antique furniture that was attractively arranged.  There was a big, soft, wonderful sofa on which we sat.  Even though it was late spring, it was very cold in the house; so Lora built a fire in the fireplace.  But I was still chilly from the vibrations of the spirits that dwelled in her home.

There were two cameramen there who had already begun to set up their equipment in the living room.  Also in attendance was a very nice gentleman, Bill Lubak, who had had much success documenting evidence of ghostly apparitions.  He called himself a psychic researcher/photographer and had gathered over 200 still photos and a lot of physical evidence of “spirit energy” on videotape.  It was unbelievable what this man had accomplished.  In his videos, there were lights and, of course, ghosts appear as lights many times.  He had videotaped lights – like balls of light – dancing from the ceiling all the way down to the floor in a church where children were supposed to have died.  Not for one minute did I ever doubt this man’s validity or credibility.  There were too many things he told me about his own spiritual experiences that I could relate to and I was very proud to be associated with him.  He believed his mission was to help people to understand and know that there is life after death; and he sincerely believed his films and photographs lent credence to such phenomena.

I had only been sitting on the sofa for a few moments when I looked over into the kitchen which was an open space connected with the living room.  Much to my surprise, there stood the spirit of an old woman who looked a lot like a Madame of a bordello.  She was standing by an old, antique cabinet, which was painted white and appeared to be very disturbed about something.  I pointed her out to Lora and she felt that it could have been the entity that had pushed her down the stairs.

“There is a woman named Mary who lived in this house in 1948 and is stuck [here].  She either died in this house or she had some kind of real heavy commitment to [it].”

Lora looked horrified when I told her I felt the need to go through the kitchen into a space where there had been a murder.  She said she did not like going beyond the kitchen because the whole area was “spooky.”  It consisted of a half-bath and a closet that reminded me of a dungeon.  I proceeded into the space, about a 9 X 4 area, when all of a sudden I received impressions of a scenario that had taken place there many years prior.  I had visions of two men engaging in sadistic sex acts together.  One was a barber who was handcuffing the other and cutting his wrists, which, strangely, caused him to experience an orgasm.

“There was a man who came here who wanted to marry this young girl and ooh– God! (I cried) They took him into that room (I cried)–  I believe they cut him — they cut him up…” (I was overcome with horror)

Geraldo: “Elizabeth tells the group the evil has been located and that it is more wicked than first believed.  According to Elizabeth, this corner room was once a chamber of sexual horrors – sado-masochistic abuse, physical torture, and pain enough to taint the entire household!”

It was so gory and bloody that I fled back into the living room.  I asked Lora if we could proceed upstairs because I had the impression that there was a spirit of a young girl (about seventeen years old) who was being held prisoner in one of the bedrooms up there.  As I walked into the guest bedroom, right away I saw the spirit of this pathetic little girl sitting in a bay window looking out over 87th Street as if she wanted so badly to get out but did not know how.  She was crying.

Afterwards, we all went back downstairs to the living room and formed a circle, sitting quietly, yogi-style, on the floor in front of the fireplace.  We lit a beautiful white candle, which, to me, represents the Christ Light or purity of thought and sincerity.  In my lap I placed a beautiful gift from a special friend of mine – George Exoo – a minister who was a graduate of the Harvard School of Theology.  It was a wall hanging made of tiles that are purported to have come from the same place where Jesus amassed the loaves of bread and the fishes that fed thousands.  I carry it with me to every exorcism I perform.  I placed a white Bible atop the tile that was given to me by a friend who was a monk in a monastery.  I said a prayer and as we held each others’ hands in the circle, I asked that all negative spirits, including the man who I felt had been murdered there, go into the Light. We prayed for about thirty minutes and I kept asking that these spirits leave Lora’s home, to complete their business on this planet.

After the prayers, I cautioned Lora that it was her responsibility to see that nothing of an evil or negative nature went on in that home ever again.  I explained to her that “like attracts like” and that when she is positive, only positivity will dwell therein.  Within a very short period of time, we felt the warmth come back into her home and I knew that the negative spirits – those restless souls who had been waiting for prayers to take them to the God from which they came – had gone away.  I knew undoubtedly my mission had been accomplished when everyone was so amazed at how wonderful the place felt.

Geraldo:  “With the help of those friends gathered, Elizabeth manages to banish the sour and malicious spirit.  All participants report a feeling of cleansing.  The house is free.”

Later, Lora informed me that she had hired a reporter who had formerly been with the New York Times to do research on the history of the apartment.  He informed her that the place had, indeed, been a bordello in early times and that a man actually had been murdered there.  She was very pleased with the video that came out and the next day it aired nationally on Geraldo.  When the show aired, Geraldo had a lot of questions:

Geraldo:  Do you really feel there was something in there?

Lora:  Ever since I moved in.  None of my friends would go in that room, my dogs won’t go in the room. I felt afraid to be alone in the house with that particular…  I wouldn’t go near that room.  I always went on the upper floor.

Geraldo:  Had you ever experienced that in any other apartment you’ve ever lived in?

Lora:  Yes, but not this bad!  I’ve always been sensitive to these things; but this one was just so foul, it practically drove me out of the house.

Geraldo:  The house has an interesting history…

Lora:  It does.  It was once a bordello.  It was a rooming house.  It’s a very old house.  It was built in the early 1800′s.  I found out there was a murder in the basement, there were things going on, there’s bad energy there.

Geraldo:  So your fears definitely are legitimate; and so are the bruises that you’ve shown the staff members.  What exactly happened?

Lora:  Well, I came home from the road and I was in one particular room (and I found out about the significance of that afterwards when Elizabeth was in the house).  I took a gardenia plant and I was walking down the stairs and all of a sudden I just went flying down the stairs and there was a bruise in the form of a hand print on the inside of my arm.  I really had the wind knocked out of me; it wasn’t like I slipped.  I had let go of the plant, so I would have been able to brace myself.  I landed on my stomach.  I felt pushed.

Geraldo:  And after this process last night, do you truly feel a difference?

Lora:  The house felt so much better.  It really did.  She really just cleaned it and it just felt so peaceful compared to…  I used to be afraid to come home at night.  I’d open the door and think oh! – you know? But it feels so peaceful now.  This morning it was great!

Geraldo:  Elizabeth, what did you feel in Lora’s house last night?

Elizabeth:  Well, the first thing I felt was…  I went into the back room behind the kitchen and I felt two men abusing sex together in a very morbid and sadistic way.  Then I went into the kitchen and I felt this old woman…  Strangely enough, everybody else started feeling her, too.  She was in the kitchen, feeling very caught up in…  I just really felt like she was hung up there.  And then I went upstairs to one of the bedrooms.  And I felt like there was a seventeen-year-old girl there who had either been a prostitute or something.  She was being held and used by this woman.  I just started crying and she sort of took over.

Geraldo:  Did you know at that point that the house had, in fact, been a brothel?

Elizabeth:  No, I did not know that.  …I saw a barber there who was doing real S&M things.  They’re not spirits; they’re more psychic impressions.  This woman was the only ghost that I saw.

Lora:  That room, though…  When I was carrying those plants down the stairs, I had taken those plants out of that room where that girl lived.  Elizabeth seems to think that I have some sort of connection with that girl; and the woman who pushed me actually grabbed me because she wanted to keep me in that room.  Because that woman had kept this young woman locked up there.  So every time I came down those stairs, she wanted to shove me back in that room.

* * *

On the panel there was also a woman who claimed she was being molested by a ghost 24 hours a day. Everyone in the audience thought she was crazy and Geraldo, though trying to sympathize with her, made light of her story but added that we might not understand, but she truly was absolutely “dead” serious.  “Kathy” claimed that for the past year, she was being mauled and even raped almost daily by some unseen spirit.  She said it touched her all over and she described it as a sexual experience with an unknown, invisible entity.

Later in the program, I asked Geraldo if I could somehow help “Kathy” with her “problem.”  Spirit was telling me that her son had been trying to contact her for a long time.  “Your son sits on your lap because you are the maternal part of him,” I explained.  “When you have a baby, a lot of times, you feel orgasms or sexual feelings. I’ve had seven, so I know!  And you feel these things.  Women don’t talk about that; but they do feel these things because it’s connected with the womb.  He’s trying to get inside her, back into the womb.”

After I made those comments, Geraldo asked “Kathy” if she’d had a son missing to which she replied, “He died three years ago.”  My daughter, Sandy, who was in the audience, told me that at that moment, the whole audience was stunned.  “Do you think that explanation makes sense?” asked Geraldo.  “Yes.  It does.”

* * *

As a result of the airing of this story on the Geraldo Show, I received a phone call from someone who alleged to be connected with the O.J. Simpson murder case.  They told me they had talked with some of his people and that they were very interested in me working to help solve the case because they believed with all their heart that O.J. was innocent.  I informed them that I would be glad to work with O.J. under one condition: that is, if he would allow me to contact his dead wife.  I told her that I knew she would be calling me back if he was innocent.  A few days later, instead of receiving a phone call, I had a vision of O.J. standing before me.  He was a very frightened man.  In this vision, he was saying to me, “Please do not contact my dead wife!”  I never heard from them again.

A year later, I conducted a trance by bringing my spirit guide, St. Catherine, through.  We asked St. Catherine if she could communicate with the spirit of Nicole Brown Simpson.  Surprisingly, she said she could.  As she brought forth words from Nicole, we asked her if she had anything to say, in general.  She said she was very, very sorry about Ron Goldman’s death and she felt that he should still be alive and would be if not for her.  She felt very guilty about his death.  She mentioned also that she was very angry with a young woman, Faye Resnick, that she was NOT her friend.  She said that if she HAD been her friend, she would not be airing her dirty laundry for all the world and especially her children to read.  We asked her about O.J. and she would not reveal anything about her murder; however, she said O.J. was very emotionally disturbed and needed help.  She expressed great concern and said she was very worried about her children and hoped her husband would take care of them.  She said she knew he would never hurt them.  She said he was a good father.  And that was the end of her conversation with us.  She totally ignored the murder, acting as if she was still alive.  We kept asking her the obvious questions, but she avoided talking about her own death.

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