Elizabeth Baron

In her lifetime, Elizabeth Baron was perhaps the world’s most famous psychic medium, having spent over three decades featured on radio and television shows, and in newspapers all over the world.  Elizabeth was also considered “The World’s Most Documented Psychic Medium” with much of her life’s work documented in written form, audiotaped, or filmed.  Go to Elizabeth’s new site at www.ElizabethBaron.net for the most up-to-date information on Elizabeth’s books, CDs, documentary and more…

Love & LightPresenting the long-awaited story of Elizabeth Baron‘s journey, not only in her personal search for enlightenment, but her stumbles and falls. Included is the record of the most incredible experiences any medium on this earth has ever encountered: LOVE AND LIGHT, ELIZABETH – An Autobiography of the Most Documented Modern Day Mystic of Our Time.

You will travel with her in these pages to the most unusual places, from the Palace Theatre on Broadway to the White House where she was privileged to assist in thwarting the assassination of President Reagan. She will take you on her journey to cleanse a building of a ghost in Manhattan and let it soar into the Light of God. Go with her as she assists law enforcement in some of the most documented cases of the past 30 years. Elizabeth not only lived these experiences, but presents documentation to prove the validity of her claims.

THE DIVINE INTERVENTION OF ST. CATHERINE OF SIENA: To Elizabeth, the most exciting and earth-moving experience she will share with you is the Divine intervention God brought about by sending her one of his greatest angels, St. Catherine of Siena, a 14th Century saint who rose out of the Catholic Church to be the co-patron saint of Italy, sharing that title with the Great St. Francis of Assisi. She was also one of the two saints ever to be given the title of Doctor by the church. The most phenomenal part of this story is that Elizabeth was raised a devout Baptist, who had been taught to hate Catholics because they worshiped the Virgin Mary and believed that all Catholics would go to Hell.

Join Elizabeth as you enjoy page after page of real life stories describing in detail what it’s like to travel this hard and disciplined pathway. You will find yourself picking up this book years from now and referring back to it as one of the great insights into the tremendous strides of success in the field of the paranormal. [more…]

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Music From the Other Side – Jaco from the Great Beyond

My Mother, the Exorcist

Phantoms of the Palace Theatre

The Exorcism of Coney Island

There’s a Ghost in Times Square

My Review of “Love & Light, Elizabeth”

“Stop the war within yourself and you stop the war among man.”
–St. Catherine of Siena


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