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Silence is the HealerThe BlizzardBaptized Again

A Very Private PersonSpectresThe Awakening

The Blue ButterflyMy New York MoodThe Fragile MenBlue Memories

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Watch the Blue Memories video with Sandy’s original paintings

The Awakening

The Blue Butterfly

Watch “The Blizzard” video featuring Sandy’s original snow & ice photography

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Baptized Again

A Very Private Person (featuring James Hirsen on harmonica)

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My New York MoodLyrics - Music Video

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ResurrectionSandy Frazier’s pop music CD, Resurrection is available here and at sites all over the Internet. Sandy is one of many modern artists promoting her music on the Web. “I feel very lucky to be a part of the generation of musicians whose opportunities on the Internet are so boundless.”

Her debut CD was an album of songs inspired by her book The Mystic Artist, which she also markets on the Internet. It is an unusual blend of modern electronica, with trance-like qualities, combined with acoustic and electric guitars… and lots of ‘ear candy’ to always keep the listener coming back for more.

Resurrection was produced and engineered by Gary Filadelfo whose sense of style and energetic way with modern sounds colourfully and explosively interpret Sandy’s songs while at the same time, enhance her seductive vocal style. His oft-times wildly hypnotic keyboards and programming techniques literally caress and yet yield to her voice like a hurricane wrapped around the ocean’s calm.

“These are songs written by a painter; and so the album is much like a series of collage-paintings centered around the theme of water, with many colours, textures and unique brushstrokes,” says Sandy of her collaboration with Gary Filadelfo. “For example, I did a painting called Egypt Over Arles — combining my love for Egyptian art and Van Gogh’s home where The Yellow House was – and then a song just naturally followed… and now we’re combining effects along with swirls of light and colour like a Van Gogh painting… as though we’re literally painting music. ”

And my song for Gauguin started out to be autobiographical in the way I was relating to him and his journey through life; but then it became a song that was really a collage of his paintings in music. Watch the video of Sandy’s song for Gauguin.

“I’ve very much enjoyed (and greatly valued) working with Gary Filadelfo who has really taken the time and patience to bring out the best in me. I’m very proud of our collaboration.” “A song is buried deep inside, wishing badly to be freed…” “My mission is to inspire others to find their creative purpose. I believe we can heal ourselves and, in fact, survive by tapping in to the creative spirit and allowing it to flow.” – Sandy Frazier

“My songs contain much of what I aspire to be — where as being human, I’ve failed in many ways. They are my hope. They are messages from my wiser self.”

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Blue Memories (YouTube) Blue Memories (Sandyfrazier.com)

A Very Private Person

The Blizzard

Song for Henri Matisse: The Blue Butterfly

Song for Paul Gauguin: (Gauguin) Wrestling with the Angel

The Art of an American Girl (YouTube) The Art of an American Girl (Sandyfrazier.com)

My New York Mood (YouTube) My New York Mood (Sandyfrazier.com)


Some of Sandy’s Songs over the Years: New version of Revelations  A Truer Believer Acceptance Believing Breathe Life Christmas Song Fearless Holding Hands Forever Hunger I Am Moved In Venice by the Train Insight Intolerance Intuition (live) Let Me Go to a Higher Plane Let’s Save the Human Race Listen for the Snow Living in a Gaff Look at the Ice Lost Souls Meditations Mind Guerrillas New Future Not to Wish Parentsland Pfalz Morning Primal Scenes Pushing Water Reckless Release the Heat Smiles of a Sorrow The Center of the Circle The Chance The Innocent Sinners The Listener’s Memory The Penguin The Recreation The Searching Penguin The Stock Broker Towers of People