Art Resources

Artists’ Organizations

Worldwide Arts Resources: A great online exhibit for artists all around the world.

Mark Harden’s Artchive: A great resource!! At the Artchive, the only constant will be change. Each gallery will include new material for your return viewing pleasure, from new scans in the Recent Acquisitions gallery, to additional art criticism excerpts, to new installations of feature exhibits.

ArtSource: A project that started in 1994. As a service to art librarians, Mary Molinaro began putting together a page that listed art resources that were becoming available on the WWW. As usage of the WWW exploded it soon became apparent that a comprehensive site would be highly impractical and she realized that a selective site would be much more helpful to users. The site has developed over time to be what it is today.

d’Art: A collaborative network for the on-line arts. Over 200,000 viewers use our interactive marketplace, gateway, and community for the arts every month. You will find contributions from thousands of artists, collectors, dealers, enthusiasts, and other websites. Enjoy!

ImageKind: A fresh new online art experience that allows both consumers and professional artists a new outlet for sharing, creating and buying actual wall art from digital files. Imagekind is a cross between an art gallery, a photo-sharing service and a print-on-demand service.

NY Arts Magazine: A fantastic international arts publication on the Web.

Olga’s Gallery: One of the largest and most comprehensive online collections. On Olga’s pages you will find over 8,000 works of art. They are dedicated to bringing you quality information about artists and their artwork from all around the world.

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center: An affiliate of The Museum of Modern Art and the oldest and second largest non-profit arts center in the United States solely devoted to contemporary art.

World Wide Arts Resources: Your First Stop for Arts Online! This is the gateway for online arts information: artistsmuseumsgalleries,quality artart historyarts education,antiquesdancetheater, and more.

Great Masters

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat SAMO… Jean-Michel was a prodigy who died far too young. This marvelously expressive soul gave us all something to think about with every painting he created.
  • Mary Cassatt Bold, smart, driven… a woman ahead of her time who paved the way for so many artists.
  • Paul Cezanne Father of Modern Art. He was the one who started it all for 20th Century painters!
  • Paul Gauguin Mystic savage painter of Tahitian visions… he was a colourist extraordinaire.
  • Henri Matisse The original Fauve (the wild beast). “I always knew there was a Fauve in me; and Matisse only helped to bring out the vibrant colours.”
  • Peter Max What an incredibly gifted artist, not to mention, a humble and giving man, very much into using his art to help others! Remember the art of the Beatles’Yellow Submarine?
  • Claude Monet The great master of Impressionism.
  • Pablo Picasso Genius of 20th Century modern art.
  • Pierre-August Renoir Impressionist extraordinaire!
  • Vincent van Gogh Mystic, prophet and visionary painter of golden azure… need I say more?
  • Andy Warhol Observer of life - Warhol was the consummate artist – constantly observing life around him, all the people, moods, movies, fashion, events… creating works of art out of every minute of his life… and loving every minute of it… so much more than 15 minutes.

Museums and Galleries

The Art institute of Chicago

The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

Other Wonderful Artists

  • ROMARE BEARDEN … His life and art are marked by exceptional talent, encompassing a broad range of intellectual and scholarly interests, including music, performing arts, history, literature and world art. Bearden was also a celebrated humanist, as demonstrated by his lifelong support of young, emerging artists.
  • JOHN BRATBY … English painter, writer, teacher.
  • FRIDA KAHLO … Great Mexican painter whose life was marked by physical suffering.  Thus many of her paintings were made in bed.  The love and torture of her life was Diego Rivera.
  • CHRISTIANE KUBRICK … She was born in Germany in 1932, met and married film director Stanley Kubrick in 1958; and the Kubrick family moved to England in the 1960s where Christiane continued to paint and exhibit. She studied art in California and New York.  You’ll recognize some of her original paintings, which are incredibly expressive, in the film, “Eyes Wide Shut.”
  • JACOB LAWRENCE … Over a sixty-five year career, Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) was an impassioned observer and storyteller whose art documented both the African American experience as well as the larger human struggle for freedom and social justice. In his gouache and tempera compositions, he encapsulated the life around him: the joy, the suffering, the weakness, and the strength of the people he saw every day.
  • FANCH LEDAN … Francois “Fanch” Ledan (b. 1949) is noted for delightful scenes of his native Brittany in a colorful “primitive” style. In 1968 he abandoned his studies in commercial design for full-time studies in painting and fine art. His talent was quickly recognized and soon he was involved in major European shows. He became involved in printmaking in 1973 when he learned lithography in Paris. Since then he has had more than 25 one-person shows in Europe, North America and South America.
  • FRANCIS PARAISON … I once met this young up-and-coming Haitian artist on the streets of Manhattan.  His art is gorgeous, enchanting and fun.  You’ll love his style and how it appeals to people of all ages.  He told me, “I paint my land, my country, as I see it.”  And what a point of view he had!  (I heard he passed away a few years after I’d met him.)
  • MARTIROS SARYAN … “Life is an island. People come out of the sea, cross the island, and return to the sea. But this short life is long and beautiful. In getting to know nature man exalts the wonder and beauty of life”
  • ITZCHAK TARKAY … Tarkay was born in 1935 in Subotica on the Yugoslav Hungarian border. When he was only nine years old, the Nazis sent Tarkay to Mathausen concentration camp. After the war, he returned home and developed an interest in art. While still at school in Subotica, he won a prize for excellence in painting. In 1949 he and his family immigrated to Israel and were sent to a transit camp for new arrivals at Beer Ya’akov. Their next two years were spent in a Kibbutz. In 1951, Tarkay received a scholarship to the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, where he studied for a year before having to leave due to difficult financial circumstances at home. In order to continue his scholarship, he was allowed to study under the artist Schwartzman until his mobilization to the Israeli army. After returning to the familiar environment of Tel Aviv, Tarkay enrolled in the Avni Institute of Art, which he graduated in 1956. His teachers there were Mokady, Janko, Schtreichman and Sematsky. Tarkay has since exhibited extensively both in Israel and abroad, and his works can be found in many public and private collections.
  • TOBI ZAUSNER … Tobi has an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Art and Psychology and is also an award-winning painter and a printmaker. She is represented in private collections worldwide and has exhibited work in the Denver Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Fleischer Memorial, the Grey Art Gallery, the La Jolla Museum, the Nelson-Atkins Museum, and the Hecksher Museum. Her work is in the permanent collection of the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of the City of New York, the New York Public Library Print Collection, the Bancroft Library, the University of California at Berkeley, the Long Island Museum, and the Williams Center for the Arts.