Original Art

Sandra Frazier presents the following online galleries filled with her colourful, original art.  Click on the thumbnails to view enlargements and if you see something you like, contact us and we’ll quote you a price.

The Mystic Artist (Book)

Through the years since Sandy began writing this book, it evolved from a book about art into one about the artist’s capacity as a kind of channel for otherworldly entities, forces from other dimensions. This book is a study of the life force that surges in the great mystics of all time – the Mystic Artists. From the elusive afterlife they communicate truth forces. From the Great Beyond they influence and direct. Written musically, lyrically, often whimsically, it is a conceptual, artistic study of each phase of the artist’s growth, and it is a spiritualistic survey of immense value – the definitive guided tour into artistic intuition via the imagination. Reaching for a deeper understanding with a faith that lives in the truth that forces in the Great Beyond link with the artists at work here on our level, Sandy stirs up a potpourri of past, present and future all culminating to teach us the deepest secrets of the mysteries of creation. [NOTE: 2nd edition available now!]


FAUVE (Music)


Painting Music (Music)

Painting Music Cover4_sm                                    

Resurrection (Music)

Sandy Frazier has spResurrectionent a lifetime writing and recording her original music. This CD is an album of songs inspired by her book The Mystic Artist. It is an unusual blend of modern electronica, with trance-like qualities, combined with acoustic and electric guitars… and lots of ‘ear candy’ to always keep the listener coming back for more. “These are songs written by a painter; and so the album is much like a series of collage-paintings centered around the theme of water, with many colours, textures and unique brushstrokes,” says Sandy. “It’s as though I was literally painting music.”          

Windows of My Soul (Book)

Available Now – 25 Years of Original Poetry, Song Lyrics & Art, Lyrics from Sandy’s record, “Resurrection”…and songs from “Painting Music”