The Mystic Artist

When Sandy began writing this book, the title was intended to be Truth in Art. She’d gathered ideas for many years, taking all her personal experiences as an artist and observer into account – from her daily diaries where she has kept amazing records of incredible happenings in her life as well as premonition dreams and visions, to her songwriting, poetry and art. Through the years since Sandy began writing this book, it has evolved from a book about art into one about the artist’s capacity as a kind of channel for otherworldly entities, forces from other dimensions. This book is a study of the life force that surges in the great mystics of all time – the Mystic Artists. From the elusive afterlife they communicate truth forces. From the Great Beyond they influence and direct.

Written musically, lyrically, often whimsically, it is a conceptual, artistic study of each phase of the artist’s growth, and it is a spiritualistic survey of immense value – the definitive guided tour into artistic intuition via the imagination. Reaching for a deeper understanding with a faith that lives in the truth that forces in the Great Beyond link with the artists at work here on our level, Sandy stirs up a potpourri of past, present and future all culminating to teach us the deepest secrets of the mysteries of creation.

She tells about the universal truths in art, spirit art, the inspiration and isolation of the inner wars of external/internal art. She inspires us with ideas about instinct and intuition, showing us how to recognize clues about our life purpose along the path; she gives us a way to release and tap into soul power to cleanse and heal through the act of creating. From automatic writing to spirit channeling, this book tells of the many ways mystics have tried to reach into the Great Beyond for answers to the question of their art. Sandy tells us many of the stories from the mystics and prophets of the Bible, the artistic prophets and guardian spirits, to the process an artist goes through when working toward the ultimate creations of his or her life.

It is also a personal reminiscence of her own experiences in many various genres of the arts. Reaching out to the lost souls and mystics in the Great Beyond, the silence and awakenings and the way of the genius, she lets us in on the opportunities presented by our guiding lights – guardian angels and spirits who are there at our calling. She tells us both sides of the story in the universal law of opposites, from the tragic element, the outsiders and the Faustian Bargain to the perfect life of Fred Astaire and Lillian Gish.

An artist’s life is built on instinct and intuition. It is a life, which taps in to sensual energies – through all the senses – with the pain, the hunger and pleasures of life. Sandy inspires us to paint music and sing colours as we learn to understand the secrets of Vincent van Gogh and others like him who on this earth were so misunderstood.

The great universal spiritual laws are the links that connect every concept discussed in this book whether it’s creating destruction or drawing conclusions about good and evil and the wisdom of balance. There is quite a mixture of weather in the theatre of her words as she discusses in vivid hues how the artist mirrors every universal ideal and projects its mind-movies deep in the psychic senses of the gifted. You will feel a deep sense of colour in this black and white world and finally will heal through art and song as she reveals her own painful, yet enlightening stories and how she was able to overcome the pain and heal the wounds of a lifetime through her art.

These stories are personal and filled with questions as well as solutions. They will stir in the reader great emotions and prompt the creative flow, inspiring an artist to do more than just go through the motions; young and old alike will be able to relate to these stories which reflect many lifetimes of mystics and their struggle to know the unknown.

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