Original Art

Synth Fluorescence

“Synth Fluorescence” (16×20) acrylic prints/mixed media on Gessobord

(16x20) Multimedia w/acrylics on Gessobord w/high gloss polyurethane varnish

“Ghostly Orbs” (16×20) Multimedia w/acrylics on Gessobord w/high gloss polyurethane varnish

Sandy’s Painting “Ghostly Orbs” was chosen to be in Piccolo Spoleto Juried Show – Charleston, SC – 2019

Origin of Daft Punk

Origin of Daft Punk (14×18) Multimedia w/rice paper prints, metallic marker on Gessobord

Artist’s Profile

Sandy Frazier is a New York-based multimedia expressionist who creates art with qualities of mysticism and allegory.  “I found in the great mystic artists a treasure trove of inspiration, which fuels my art as well as my music,” she refers to the subject of her book, The Mystic Artist.  “I sometimes feel as though I am ‘painting music,’” (an ongoing theme in much of Sandy’s art).  She applies colour much like the Fauves and Gauguin, multimedia and collage in the manner of Picasso, and envisions from a subliminal source emblematic representations of her own life and the world in which she lives.

Sandy studied under master painter, Patsy Tidwell-Painton in Charleston, SC.  Tidwell-Painton is famous for her multi-media collages and modern paintings and has been a full-time artist and gallery owner in the Low Country for over 30 years.

In November 1996, Sandy had her first Manhattan opening at Robert’s Restaurant, a trendy jazz club in the Broadway district (Hell’s Kitchen), where she was very successful selling many of her works to the theatre and performance community.  Sandy’s many paintings and drawings include her Silent Stills and Surrealistic Spirit series. She has exhibited in Chicago, IL; Charleston, SC; New York; and Long Island. She was featured in Charleston’s largest gallery, as well as showing her art in several places on Charleston’s main street.  Represented by Agora Gallery in New York City, she opened with her first Soho show in March 1998, at 560 Broadway, #502, Soho, New York.


Sandy was proud and honored to have been selected to be featured in NY arts magazine’s [New York’s guide for Exhibits, Reviews, Maps, Openings, (March ’98), which is distributed to all the galleries in New York City] and Sandy was listed in New York’s famous Gallery Guide.  She was also featured in ARTSPEAK Magazine (March/April, 1998). Her painting, Vincent’s Music, was chosen to represent Agora Gallery’s new talents.

The piece that was featured in NY arts magazine is Sandy’s original oil painting - “I Intended to Play.”

A published author, Sandy writes on art and has had articles and excerpts from her books published.  She has also published and displayed over 150 original works of art on her Web site since 1997 and has exhibited in online shows at sites from around the world.

Sandy’s still-life acrylic painting, 2 Green Pears was chosen to grace the cover of grade school art textbooks throughout the country (Publisher: Harcourt School Publishers). The book features a 3/4-page detail of the painting on the front and the entire painting reproduced on the back cover. Printrun began at 40,000-80,000. Sandy’s painting was chosen from many hundreds of submissions.


Sandy’s Pope painting/collage is to be published as an illustration in a high school religion textbook: “Morality: An Invitation to Christian living” by Joseph Stoutzenberger. (It illustrates the Pope with the weight of the world upon his shoulders.)  See SandyART photos here.