Searching for Truth

The Center of the Circle


We’re playing the minds of the universe

in form and in order, in light and peace.

For life… the circle and one.


The center of the circle

The center of your mind

is where we’ll be

is where we’ll be

revolution surrounding me

revolution surrounding me


Music and the wheel… remember how to heal.

Our souls cannot see the reality

and far from us,

we stop the changes and the flow.

Rebel against ourselves

and what is right we know.



Look at the Ice


Look at the ice you are walking on.

Is it firm? Is it able to withstand?

Break through a small hole that you will know

the depth of a groundless command.


Notice the glasses you’re looking through.

Are they borrowed, not right for your eyes?

Remember, be sure from all points of view

of the absolute truth, not the lies.


Discoveries made alone from within

will lead you away from all vice.

Groundlessness never a truth will tell

that it’s easy to look at the ice.





Yes, God and pain go together

lock and chain.

It’s a life of refrain

that takes you away.


It’s not too far

from where you are.

You’ve been there

in your mind;

and confusion’s left behind.

You’re in control.


Believing is uncertain

Believing is so vague

Believing is a magic

when you’re sure it’s you

that is believing.


Clean house of believing,

air out and unlearn

all that’s inside.

Take out your feelings.

Clean air to find truth.



Primal Scenes


It all began the day I was borne.

The day I was borne, I fell out on the

pavement of life.

It was a primal scene, of religious means,

in the darkest stream of society.

They cut me like a knife.


The system moved in

and took my soul away.

The structure of my innocence

is missing to this day.

Primal scenes! No privacy!

Primal scenes are killing me.


They taught me to step on some feet,

on some feet on a faraway street,

to kill to get ahead.

That was not my dream.

It could not have been

that the way’s obscene.

It’s a terrible dream.

I’m filled with dread.


It’s too hard to cope

lost hope, no justice.

The child inside is trying to hide from me.



Release (the Heat)


The final hour has been spent.

My final fortune has been lent.

I’m weakening, I can’t feel.

The hands of time do not heal.

It is the time for a release.


Release the heat… in me.

It is so hard to let it be.

I must let go, it’s burning me.

Release this heat… in me.


Nine o’clock’s gone, but it’s the one

drawing me near to find my peace.

Give me release! Oh please!


The last acceptance is denied

and from myself I cannot hide.

I can’t go back to drinking

although my spirit’s sinking.

Just this last time, let me be weak.



I Am Moved


I am just the same as you;

we are all the same,

bur really, what am I? What am I?

You are here, but where are we?

What is the reason that we are alive today?

How should I treat you?

Should I laugh at you or should I cry

for you to soothe me?


I am moved. I am moved… by you.


Why am I here? What am I really?

I should know,

my intuition tells me all the time,

but I don’t listen, no I don’t.

I know there is a reason

and a purpose for my being.

These desires are my weaknesses, I know.

I have a special eye. So, what am I?

I am the sky and you are the clouds that are in me.

I am moved. I am moved… by you.



Towers of People (Towers of Eyes)


It’s a regression -

traveling back in my mind.

My child is the victim,

the way I can’t find (teach me).

Comes to the world,

empty hand, empty heart

below old people…

Who needed me then?

Who needs me now?


Towers of people

become towers of eyes.

I am weak-hearted.

I can never rise

in anyone’s eyes

above the terrible height

of those cruel, cruel, dark towers.


When towers of people (take it away)

try to control me (make it go away)

do not console me (why do I fear?)

when I am so near (near to my bed)

Regret and worry

play with my mind.

They’re so unkind.


They’re always playing (playing a game)

just playing a game

driving me mad (those particular days)

when all isn’t well (towers of eyes!)

Towers of people

are giving me hell.





I don’t believe any more than anyone.

I can’t believe what’s been going on.

I can’t explain my believing to you.

Those excuses are nothing new.


It’s not an easy time to live right.

You’ve been blind, now possess insight.

Understand what I believe to be true.

Revelations don’t come out of the blue.


Black is darkest and white is bright,

but the world is really not so right.

In the context of day and night,

it’s the darkest before the light.


Revelations come to me.

Open my eyes so I can see.

Let the truth come clear to me.

It’s a promise that will come to be.

Revelations in my face

no cloud-like vagueness or empty space.

Reality close in on my time.

(It) gives me the start to my uphill climb.


I am seeing a clearer me.

I have seen the brightest light.

Faith that lives inside is deep -

a purer vision; the highest height.



Mind Guerrillas


Street theatre – the military of your mind;

fighting for God when you fall behind.

Your heart He’ll seize -

cleanse your disease and sinner’s dream.

Get on your knees and pray

that His will be done.


It’s an inner war, temptation’s on.

Satan’s dead and Christ has won.

Mind guerrillas fight when you’re weak.

Listen to Jesus;

let Him speak to your heart.

Let Him speak to your heart.


Street people, bow and listen to His word.

Guerrillas are the ones who still have not yet heard.

Don’t fight it now, He is for all eternity.


He will always be

slow to anger and rich in love.

(He said) don’t compromise your days

or you’ll be following evil ways.



The Innocent Sinners


Oh, the innocent sinners

don’t know what they’ve got,

though they’ve got a lot.

They’re giving it to no one for free.

Oh, the innocent sinners

don’t know what to do.


Though we’re only human,

we must realize

acceptance of the ways of man.

We should never criticize,

just know there’s got to be a better plan.


Free the innocent sinners!

Let each man do his share.

Let the lifeless family

find their cupboards aren’t bare.

Give them hearts and minds of peace

and take the dark despair…

innocent sinners!


We’re not deceived until we justify

and not accept the way things are.

Forgive them, for they just can’t see.

They’ll never change from what they are today.



A Very Private Person


I’m going down to the corner store.

I always remember to lock and bolt my door.


’cause I’m a very private person

and I don’t want anyone.

I make a cold, hard living

and I work from sun to sun.  Oh, yeah.


Don’t want anyone in, no one to call.

It’s my artificial personality, my brick wall.


Insincere visitors have so much to hide.

They want so to come on the inside.

They know that I’m paying a hard hard price.

But never want to offer any good advice.


’cause I’m a very private person

and I don’t want anyone.

I make a cold, hard living

and I work from sun to sun

and I ain’t got no time to mess with anyone, oh, no!

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