Let’s Save the Human Race

Christmas Song


We’re not the wise men that come from the East.

Nor can we serve a Christmas feast.

But we’ll sing to you, it’s only the least

that we can give for Christmas peace.


And now it is Christmas for all that are here.

A day we can love, a day without fear.

For people in countries far and near,

We sing happy Christmas for everyone to hear.



The Snow Keeps Falling Down

(in the Foot Tracks I Have Made)

[for John Lennon]


You stay inside your village now,

your face hid in the walls.

You never stagger out to tell us you’re alive;

won’t see anyone at all.

For all the letters sent, you’ve no reply;

no words to say at all.

Can’t you see you’re in the songs I play,

I’ve made you ten feet tall.


Oh, yeah! You’ve got it all

for anyone who’s feeling small.

But when they ask you if you really care,

do you think you’ve said your share?


In the avenue, the snow keeps falling down

in the foot tracks I have made.

Tell me now, will you say more?

Is this a dream that will fade?


How foolish you may look in the critics’ eyes.

Small tin glasses, you have not disguised.

You don’t want no applause, I realize,

but you’re not anyone the people can despise.



Not to Wish


I smiled at you and you smiled back at me

and now you think you’ve got the right to go and ruin me.

I’m not running, I’m not flying, no, I’m not going far.

You may be a dreamer, but your dreams are too bizarre.


Don’t you know you’re not to wish for what you will?


For a time you brought me pleasure, drink and fun.

But now I know that’s really when the bad times had begun.

You have died out now, you’re a man that’s come and gone.

It’s all that you were doing wrong, you’ve been around too long.


Where’s your signs? You still feel fine? Gonna try and see.

Your generation’s got no class,

now where does that leave me?

Your father’s flown to other lands,

though you remember still

the foolish dreams that taught you

not to wish for what you will.


Smoke your pipe of peace and blow the music to the South.

And know the words you’re thinking will never leave your mouth.

Stay inside a dark room, the place that you call home.

Don’t you see the gentlemen are shining up their chrome.


Don’t try to blend the tails and rags you wrap around your head.

Don’t try to tell me how to live and what the Good Man said.

It’s long ago and far away and settled in the East.

It really means much more than that; we understand the least.





Don’t try to live for the hour

when fear engraves the palms of your hands

and anger grows into a tower.

Go on and become fearless, fearless, fearless.


I don’t pretend to be somebody, I’m not.

I can only fly in my dreams.

Land on the hill of destruction.

Tear down my pride and I am fearless, fearless, fearless.

I am fearless.


I call myself a lunatic.

I am the justice of the peace.

I am the right to intention;

the greatest fear release.



A Truer Believer


Once my life was a comedy

but I knew that was not reality.

I’m a truer believer than that.

Some things that I have met

I recall as a regret

I’m a truer believer than that.


I believe in a life before mine.

I believe there has been a sign.

I believe what the books all have told.

I believe in myself growing old.


I remember my father at home

and I can remember my mother not alone.

I’m a truer believer than that.


I’ve heard religions all in a row

until I didn’t know which way to go.

Now I’m a truer believer than that.


I believe there’s a way to exist

as long as your conscience helps you resist.

I believe there’s a road up ahead

and I know what I am and I know what I’ve said.

I’m a truer believer than that.



The Stock Broker


The businessmen stand in the street

warmed by their dusty coats in shreds of defeat

and in the same place the poor man laughed at fate.

He had no more and found it was too late.


How much can they take?

How much can they take?

When they’ve got so much to pay

and so little to save.


In a local “speak” the nite owl lifts his cup of brew.

The October air whistles something they all knew.

Now in the street, the stock broker stands

and cannot fill all the empty hands.


Halfway out a mansion door where lies the man of wealth.

He’s had to give up a good part of himself.

His wife sits in a silver thread menagerie.

She counts the losses and waits for another century.


The ladies of Park Avenue with ivory and gold

see in the looking glass that she is really getting old.

The diamonds held her to a life of needless worth

and now the ocean washes out her earth.



In Venice by the Train


In Venice by the train

is where they walk the same

when cold of winter heeds

the snow-fell path that leads

where scowls of grey all go.

They line up in a row.

They line up in the snow.


Why don’t we go away?

Why don’t we get away?

…from the grey and lifeless day

Sunday on a train,

down the shadowed main.

In Venice on the train

In Venice in the rain.


By the winter train

the driver waits in vein.

A paperboy is wailing

that all the times are failing.

To stay it is a strain

in towns where there is pain,

in Venice by the train.

In Venice by the train.



Let’s Save the Human Race

[for John Lennon when he died]


New York seems so close to me

as I stare out at the cold reality.

I’m the bare trees that hang and sigh

and a walk of life has died

a new way of life has been tried.


But for now,

I can’t take this day, in December

There’s just too much to say, in December.

Let’s just be on our way, so remember

Let’s not let is spoil the dream.


Today, the emptiness tries to reach

as a preacher tries to preach.

The day is too relentless;

too still with forgetlessness

and the faces are pale

as though locked in a jail.


I’ll just try to be strong

and we’ve got to carry on

Let’s just pray for the human race

with the spirit in our face.

Yes, there’s hope for every tree

that strives to breathe and be.


Let’s pray for the human race

Let’s pray for the human race

Let’s save the human race, before it dies.



Intuition [from "Acceptance" rock opera]


Why should I wonder what the heavens hold

or if hell is cold?

I’ve just got to wonder about the laws within;

what it is to win.

I believe, I really believe.

Like another race, my intuition’s face

stepped inside this open space….


Said never again try to condemn

or this wound may never heal.

Said never again pretend to know

more than what is real.


Intuition (in my face)

Intuition (has my faith)


My mind in unison with the power of universal thought.

My mind in harmony with the greater law.


It’s a dream before reality,

know before I know.

When spirits dance

I’ll take a chance

and wonder aloud

to the escapable crowd.


Intuition (has my faith)

Intuition (in my face)


All my mind

giving secrets away

got to tell them some way.



Pfalz Morning


I walked so hard, my boots became worn – to one side

and every crippled weak I was expensive; costly in my blood and no more.

Off to school they’d send me – to wear them down some more.

In the Pfalz morning.


Father, now you are a memory – appearing to me as a meaningless,

plastic salamander in the trees of wind.

You can’t make it up to me; though I am big, I forgive.

We have sinned.

Birth is just a Fall’s mourning.


When you have succeeded, too, in giving me the half of you.

You were just someone passing through.

My bed is old, you’re older, too.

Though your lines have all been lost.

The morning waking is my cost.

Those times I’d found you’d gone away.

Cold mornings found whose fault today.


Digging by our homefest’s side, afraid to show that I had cried.

I want to know what made me hide.

Could I have scarred my feet… the night I hurried from the street?

Waking in a sweat of sleet

in a false morning.


Pfalz morning, stealing (from) cherry trees

before the absent mother sees.

The sister takes her nature walks and giving foreign pity talks…

In that space is always fall.

The fathers really weren’t so tall.

Only if eyes could have seen

the faults in all their children’s scene.



(We Want) Acceptance [from "Acceptance" rock opera]


Mother, in the army of life,

trying to be loved or just not hated.

Mother, who can you blame

for all of your sorrow and pain?

Mother, give it all away.

Acceptance is just what you’ve waited for.

Mother, give me some of your time

before we come up to the last mile.

Mother, don’t walk out on me.

I’m accepting you now, can’t you see?

Mother, oh mother, oh mother, oh mother -

mother of life.


We want acceptance!

They said we couldn’t do it; they said it couldn’t be done.

We showed the world, we could be one!



The Fragile Men


The fragile men I know, I love with all my heart…

they hate like hell to admit when I am just as smart…

Their fragile hearts can break as easily as I do…

and break at every chance they get when not admitting to.


The faults they have are like mine, though equal we are not…

when we fight I understand his strength is what I want.

We eat, we drink, we play together every day.

He stays the same as I grow fat when doing things his way.


The fragile men are greater as vegetarians…

When they can’t put away the drink, they seem less masculine.

Well, that’s the way society goes, and that’s the way they see…

a man is only strong and brave when he is not like she.

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