Mystic Mentors

Maurice Maeterlinck

The great Belgian poet and mystic dramatist who inspired so much of Sandy’s art, music and writings. Maeterlinck’s books are rare and enchanting. You’ll be especially inspired by The Blue Bird and The Treasure of the Humble. GO HERE to see Sandy’s painting, “In the Palace of the Night,” From Maurice Tourneur’s silent film of the famous Maeterlinck play, The Blue Bird (1918), which also inspired Sandy’s song, “The Awakening” and The Blue Bird drawing. GO HERE to see Sandy’s painting, “St. Wandrille,” of the Abbey where Maeterlinck lived and staged performances of his plays. On Sandy’s music page, you’ll find many songs Sandy wrote and recorded that were inspired by the great Belgian mystic writer.

Elvis Presley

Elvis has always been a great inspiration to Sandy – since her childhood.  He was the greatest performer ever to live… one of a kind, never to be rivaled. Even after all these years, Elvis is as popular as ever!  Check out: Elvis 30 #1 Hits. From Elvis in Memphis is perhaps his greatest album.

John Lennon & The Beatles

Brilliant songbird – perhaps the greatest inspiration to Sandy musically. “I loved his and Yoko’s idea of bagism and write about it in my own book, The Mystic Artist.”

You’ll truly enjoy One Day at a Time, a book which captures the mood and brilliance of John Lennon in the seventies.

Paul Gauguin

Mystic savage painter of Tahitian visions… he was a colourist extraordinaire.  David Sweetman’s biography, Paul Gauguin: A Life takes you on Gauguin’s unique journey in vivid detail. GO HERE to see Sandy’s painting after Gauguin’s “Jacob Wrestling the Angel.” Read the lyrics to Sandy’s song about Gauguin, “Wrestling with the Angel,” on her CD Resurrection …watch Sandy’s video.

Woody Allen

“Woody Allen taught me just how beautiful life can really be.  When I was a youth, I just wanted to be a character in one of his movies… or go to New York and marry Woody.  I can still hear Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.”

Here are some top Woody Allen picks:


Slapstick is a wonderful form of comedy and has always been Sandy’s favourite.

Here are some of Sandy’s favorite comedians from over the years:

Bob Dylan

“When I was a teenager living in Chicago, I learned every Bob Dylan song I could and would sing them at the open mike nights in the bars of Old Towne.  All my friends from that time would remember the many nights we sat up singing Like a Rolling Stone – every single verse.” Get the excellent Scorcese documentary: Bob Dylan – No Direction Home (2005).

Vincent van Gogh

Mystic and visionary painter of golden azure who influenced 20th century artists like no other.

Kate Bush

Kate’s music is mystical, magickal and marvelous! Sandy’s favourite songs of Kate’s are Houdini and Night of the Swallow … see her painterly interpretation of “Night of the Swallow.” Order your copy of the book: Kate Bush a Visual Documentary. Kate’s inspiration for her song Cloudbusting came from A Book of Dreams. Listen to the music and experience her originality:

Laura Nyro

The world lost a great songwriter when Laura passed away so young. One of Sandy’s first works of art was entitled “My New York Mood” – a charcoal of Laura. “I also wrote a poem, which then became a song of the same title, which I recorded in 1988.” Get a collection of Laura Nyro’s music: Stoned Soul Picnic.

St. Bernadette

Bernadette brought to life the healing springs of Lourdes. “Go now to Lourdes and order some of the wonderful healing water from the grotto, which has cured so many.  It is truly miraculous!” See the great film: The Song of Bernadette.

Leo Tolstoy

Great Russian mystic and writer. “The years I spent studying Tolstoy’s non-fiction writings were some of the most spiritually enlightening years of my life.” He’ll teach you that The Kingdom of God is Within You. Read some of his marvelous books and/or read the great biography by Henri Troyat.

Dylan Thomas

An astoundingly original poet.  “My Dylan Thomas years were some of the most imaginative and productive years of my artistic career.  He taught me to write every day (letters and diaries) and express myself like no one else.  He really celebrated ‘the worms of the earth,’ alongside the great harmony of being alive.” One of her favorite books is Selected Letters.

Henri Matisse

The original Fauve (the wild beast). “I always knew there was a Fauve in me; and Matisse only helped to bring out the vibrant colours.” Watch Sandy’s video of her song, “The Blue Butterfly” dedicated to Matisse.

Pablo Picasso

The Mystery of Picasso, a ’50s documentary, was the inspiration Sandy needed to liberate herself in order to become the artist she’d always wanted to be. It was almost literally a day in the life of Picasso – the camera watching him paint, draw and create through a transparent screen that makes the viewer feel as if he or she is participating in the actual creation of his works. In one scene, Picasso stated something about the “surprising truth at the bottom of the well,” which stuck with Sandy and she was able to build on that concept to create her “Surrealistic Spirit” series of paintings and drawings.

Excellent biography and DVDs on Picasso:

Andy Warhol

Warhol was the consummate artist – constantly observing life around him, all the people, moods, movies, fashion, events… creating works of art out of every minute of his life… and loving every minute of it… so much more than 15 minutes.

Truman Capote

Truman Capote was one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century.